Sunday, March 1, 2009

STOP it! Interesting new home safety product

I'm always looking for interesting products that can work to make our homes safe and comfortable and that we can install, apply or assemble ourselves.

I just read about a new product that I think you should all know about. It is an anti-slip product that can be applied to a variety of surfaces both inside and outside.

SlipCare® - STOP it was specially developed for coating small areas, one kit will cover about 18 square feet and it costs just under $40. It can be applied to a variety of surfaces such as wood, PVC, granite, marble, glass, steel, stone, plastic, metal, enamel, acrylic and more. In the article I read the author tested it on a concrete patio, bathtub, tile and finished wood floors.

We plan to get some to put on our front porch. I'll report our results in a follow up post.

Check out their website at


  1. We ordered some of this stuff along with the primer that is necessary to put on concrete before applying it.
    Unfortunately I'm not too happy with the customer service.
    We received the product without the primer and it required a signature to have it delivered. Dell put our $1000 computer on our front porch but this company required a signature.

    We contacted the company about not recieving the primer and they said it was on back order and couldn't tell us when it would ship. There was no indication in the package telling us the primer was backordered. We had to send an email complaint before receiving a refund for the primer.

    We will be applying it to our front porch which has a composite floor. I'll let you know the results.

    1. So, what happened? I'm curious as I would like to use the same product on an outdoor patio.

  2. We never actually used it, sorry for not replying earlier. I had problems with my settings and missed a bunch of comments.
    Unfortunately it turned out it wasn't as easy to apply and the company was a little flaky when we contacted them. It ended up in the trash :-(


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