Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cool products I think you should know about...

Here is a list of some cool and interesting products I have run across recently.  Most of these have been suggested to me by one of my students.  If you know of any products that would be interesting to other Do It Yourselfers, please post in the comment section.

Look for them on-line or at your local hardware store.  They are not related in any way just a random list.

Mirror Mates -  A simple way to give your unframed mirror a whole new look.  No tools required!  

Fit Rite Back Flow Covers - perfect for protecting your sprinkler systems back flow preventer from freezing.

Vinyl Wall Decals - these can be found at a number of places just put vinyl wall decals in google and see what you find.


Shark Bite Connectors - perfect for Do It Yourself plumbing repairs.  No soldering required!  Just be sure you buy the tool to disconnect them, they are sold separately.


  1. They even make shut-off valves. We're putting a new one on our water heater!


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