Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 23 and 24 - Remove Sod and build raised bed planters

We are finishing up the final touches on the gazebo project which also ended up including doing some landscape work on the back yard.   I posted earlier that we wanted to put in a path from our patio to the gazebo and also some raised bed planters for next year.  My husband is the gardener so those will be for him.  I like to build things but I'm not good at tending to plants, grass and flowers.  I've never found gardening to be relaxing like I hear other people say they do.

Here is a quick summary of the building of the raised bed planters and the path installation.

Raised bed planters
We first had to remove a bunch of grass.  This time we had on our thinking caps and rented a sod cutter.  We were able to remove all the grass we needed in under 2 hours.  The same amount it took us all day to remove when we did it by hand at the beginning of this project.  Who says you can't teach 2 old dogs some new tricks?!
Next it was back to Home Depot for some 6 x 6 x 8 ft lumber to make the planters.  We also arranged to have these delivered...see we learned a lot on this project.  We had to move all of these from the driveway to where we were building the planters...boy were these things heavy.  We used our dolly to move them.  It worked very well.
We built the planters using full length (8 ft) pieces for the long sides and 1/2 length pieces for the ends. We decided to go 4 high because we liked the height better.  It will sure be nice for Bill when he's out there planting and weeding:)  We used 12 inch spikes to connect the layers together.  We used a spade bit to drill some 1/2 inch holes in the top piece prior to driving in the spikes.

It took us most of the day to finish both planters, but compared to building the gazebo it was an easy day.


  1. wow very beautiful and impressive gazebo . im planning to have one but i don't have any designs yet . cant imagine putting some wind spinner and accessories fantastic !!

  2. Thanks Tony!
    Here's a link to the plans we used
    There are some things we would do differently. If you do decide to build something like this I'm happy to offer some suggestions to make things easier.


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