Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Maintenance Checklist

I know it's tough to resign yourself to the end of summer but you don't want to put off those fall maintenance chores too much longer.
Here is a checklist of things you should be completing over the next few weeks.  For those of you in Colorado you may have been as surprised as I was by the snow we got last week, but it certainly got my husband and I moving on getting our list at least started.

Fall Maintenance Checklist
    Heating System - Replace your furnace filter.  If you have central air-conditioning you should be doing this year round, but for those of you who don't you should start the heating season with a nice clean filter, your blower motor will thank you. Check out my blog post on furnace filters.  If you don't know where your filter is located or how to change it here is an article that might be helpful  Feel free to contact me directly you need some advice.
    Cooling System - Shut down your evaporative (swamp) for the winter.  Don't forget to seal off the vents going into your home, too!  Here's an article on simple swamp cooler maintenance.
    Irrigation System - Shut down, drain and in some cases have your sprinkler system 'blown out'.  Depending on where you are located and how your system was installed you may be able to simply shut down and drain your system.  In other cases you may also need to have your system blown out with compressed air.  If you aren't sure I suggest you air on the side of caution and have the system blown out.  Shutting down and draining your system is well with in the average homeowner's skill level.  If you're paying someone to do it this year, follow them around and take notes so you can do it yourself next year.  Here's an article I wrote on how to start up your system,, if you do this in reverse you should be okay.
    Gutters and Roof - Clean your gutters.  Do this now and again once most of the leaves have fallen from the trees.  You might be tempted to wait until later on this one, but if you live in an area like Colorado when it can snow one day and be 65 degrees the next you'll want your gutters clean so all that snow has a place to go when it melts.  Clean debris from your roof, cut back any tree limbs that might be touching your roof and make any repairs to shingles, flashing, or around penetrations. If you're doing it yourself please be careful and follow these ladder safety guidelines.
     Protect exterior water pipes, faucets, etc - Remove all hoses connected to outside faucets (aka hose bibs) and cover any exposed water pipes or irrigation back flow devices.
    Caulk your windows and doors to help protect against leaks and improve your home's energy efficiency.  Here's an article on how to caulk. 

    If you live in the Denver Metro Area check out my calendar of home improvement classes.


    1. Yes, it’s not a good thing to put off home maintenance tasks for too long. I know it is tiring simply thinking of cleaning the A/C and the furnace. You might be surprised, but I actually love the part of changing the air filters. Even if it does nothing but show the dust and dirt I have in my house, it kind of enlivens me to pull off those dirty rectangular screens. I love the feeling of inhaling after everything is done. :D It’s fortunate I’m not allergic to dust or pollen and all that.

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