Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Kitchen Remodel - Before and After Pictures

Looking South West Before
Looking South West After
Looking South Before
Looking South After
Wall Before
Wall After
Looking North Before
Looking North After
Looking North West After
Looking North West Before

Kitchen Remodel - Almost Complete

Here are the final (almost) pictures.  The only thing we have left to do is install a light fixture in the ceiling and a pendant over the sink.  Those are both on order.  I looked and looked an finally found something I liked at Urban Lights on Sante Fe.  I'm continually surprised at how expensive lighting fixtures are.  Oh well, after all the money we've spent on this kitchen I guess I shouldn't complain and at least have what I want to finish it all off.
Here are pictures of the lighting I picked out.

The final pictures (without lighting)  I have a couple that show before and after paint.  We didn't have many walls to paint.  We painted the wall we had cut out and the back wall on the north side with the doorway to the family room.
Wall that was cut out.

Looking North West Before Paint

Looking North West After Paint

Kitchen Remodel - Upper cabinets and counter-top install

The upper cabinets and crown molding were installed which was quite an event considering our floor and our ceiling are not even remotely level or parallel to each other.  Having an old house, our's was built in 1959, that has been "updated" several times in the past certainly means things get interesting.  Although both Bill and I have hung cabinets before I would never have taken this job on myself. Special congratulations to Mike with Remarkable Remodeling for doing the crown molding.  Crown molding is difficult when the ceiling is level.  I'm still amazed at how great it all looks. 

Definitely a job for professionals!  Thanks to everyone at Remarkable Remodeling for their hard work!

Looking North

Looking South

Looking North East

Looking South West

Kitchen Remodel - Countertop stuff

I have been remiss and have not posted our progress as it was happening.  With Thanksgiving coming and the push to get everything done I just didn't take the time to keep you all updated.  I'm going to do the remaining posts as several different posts just to keep the pictures and commentary separated.

In a previous post I showed the base cabinets installed which needed to be completed to allow for a template to be created for the cutting of our new granite countertop.  Unfortunately I did not get pictures of the process of creating the template,  but I have to say it was very clever.  The young man who came by was quick and efficient and used a piece of plastic coated corrugated cardboard to create the template. Very nicely done.

I don't believe I talked about our adventure in choosing the granite slab for our counter-top.  We purchased our counter-top through Project Professionals (huge thanks to Jessica Padilla) who sent us to Bedrosians to pick out our granite slab.  I won't go into the long drawn out process I went through in my head to finally agree to granite let's just say I am SO glad I did.

Here's a picture of samples I was using to choose floor tile and granite colors.

I'll tell you, walking through the warehouse looking at all the granite slabs was just amazing.  They are all so beautiful and breathtaking, it's hard to choose the one you want.  It took us about 45 minutes to finally decide. Here's a picture of our very own slab before the shipped it to Cutting Edge Granite, who cut and installed it.

The picture does not do justice to the colors.  It really is beautiful.
While we were there we found some glass tile that matched perfectly to use in our back splash.

The next post will show pictures with the upper cabinets installed and some of the counter-top as it was installed.